The Bar & Grill Singers, all of whom are practicing attorneys in Austin, Texas, have entertained lawyers and non-lawyers since their 1991 debut in a one-performance musical revue. Now appearing year-round across the nation, the Singers spoof themselves and their profession with clever lyrics set to a variety of musical styles. They needle everything and everyone around the law, including clients, billing practices, legal ethics, bored jurors, and - gulp - federal judges. The Singers have released three CDs, “Licensed to Grill,” “Grilling Me Softly,” and "A Time to Grill," which are available for purchase at their performances, online from iTunes, and from

Meet The Bar & Grill Singers

Robert Agnor

Bill Black

Katie Carmona

Paul Carmona

Annette Chaires

Jenna Donatiello

David DuBose

Claude Ducloux

Claude Ducloux

Barry Green

Laura LaValle

Amy E. Mitchell

Alan Waldrop